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I'M A MAN! (2019)

Julian and Laura are on their first date. Things are going well, but when they run into a group of catcalling drunks, Julian snaps back in an attempt to put the men in their place and prove his worth to Laura. Bad move.

Written and Directed by Alex Liu
Produced by Alex Liu and Caleb Corlett
Cinematography by Caleb Corlett

Starring TJ Snow, Patrick McTague, Claudia Richards, Luke Burke, Liam Prisk

Production Design - Kristin Li

First Assistant Director - Brendon Tipene
First Assistant Camera - Tim Hamilton

2nd Assistant Camera - Jack Bloomfield

Gaffer - Elyse Phee
LX Assist - Connor Lui

LX Assist - Nathan Hopper
Sound Recordist - Connor Scott

Location Manager - Nina Scott

Location Assistants - Alice Toomer, Thomas Williams, Alex Brock
Editor and Sound Design - Alex Liu

Colourist - Mikee Carpinter

Gear Provided by Rocket Rentals and Portsmouth Rentals

Funded by Emerging Artists Trust (EAT)

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